Cable and Internet Service

New Makee Ailana Spectrum Cable and Internet Contract Starts January 11, 2021


What you get:


Cable TV


    • Every unit gets Platinum Cable TV service, which includes Spectrum basic channels plus digital tier 1 and 2 channels. This is a significant expansion of the channels that were previously provided and includes a number of channels that were previously provided at additional cost.

    • Every unit is provided up to 2 free Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), including DVR service. Previously DVRs and service were add-on costs.




    • Ultra internet service (up to 400 Mbs) is provided. Previously there was no internet service provided by the Association. Note that the Ultra service is an upgrade from the standard internet service that was available to each unit under the old contract for $29.99/mo.

    • Wi-Fi modem/router is provided for free. Under the previous contract modem/router cost $5 per mo.


Add-on services/costs – you pay for these


    • Telephone service is available for $10/mo.

    • You can add pay channels or upgrade internet by paying the incremental cost for each.

    • Note: Set top boxes continue to cost $6.99/mo each.


How to get it: ON or AFTER January 11, you need to call Customer Service at (808) 643-2022


Cable TV example


I currently have two TVs. One with a DVR and one with a set top box. When I call I will switch to two DVRs and return the set top box, because I would be charged $6.99 per month for the box, but the second DVR is free. The upgrade to Platinum service will happen automatically after I call. Note that the channel numbers are consistent with our old service. I will have to visit a Spectrum store to turn-in my set top box and pick-up my new DVR.


Internet example


I already have basic Internet with Spectrum. After I call it will be upgraded to their faster Ultra service. lf my current modem and router are adequate for the faster service, I won't need to do anything except call to enhance my Internet service. If not, I will pick-up a Spectrum Wi-fi modem/router at the Spectrum store (which is free to use) at the same time I get my DVR and set it up in place of my current set-up. I will no longer be billed for my Internet service. Note that I own my current router and modem, but if it had been provided by Spectrum, I would turn that one in when I pick-up the new one.


If you don't already have internet service with Spectrum, you can pick-up a free home Wi-fi modem/router at the Spectrum store (or have them send it) and set-up your free internet service.

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