Homeowners Association Meetings


Board of Directors' Meeting Guidelines:

1. The Board of Directors welcomes all Makee 'Ailana owners to
attend Board meetings, except the Executive Sessions
2. Board meetings are private. Attendance is restricted to owners
staff, and other persons who have been specifically invited by the
3. At the beginning of the meeting, there will be a maximum thirty
minute Owners' Forum to give owners the opportunity to address
the Board regarding Association issues. Owners will be allotted a
maximum of three minutes to speak during the Forum. These
time limits will ensure the ability of the Board of Directors to
cover all agenda items in a reasonable amount of time. Owners
will generally not be able to speak during the meeting itself unless
invited to do so by the Board
4. The Board may not always be able to address owners' issues
adequately during the Forum. If that is the case, the issue(s)
raised will be addressed under "Unfinished Business" or "New
Business" at the current meeting or a future meeting. Some
issues will be addressed only in Executive Session
5. Lengthy, complex and/or extensive comments should be
submitted in writing to a Board member ten days prior to the
Board of Directors' meeting. This timeline will allow the Board
the opportunity to review, research and discuss the issue.
6. The Makee 'Ailana Board of Directors appreciates the input,
participation and cooperation of all owners.


Questions, suggestions, or for more information, please contact jeancoxma@gmail.com